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 ★ Thank You! ★

To everyone who supported my campaign in any way, I give you my deepest gratitude! The confidence that you have placed in me by re-electing me is precious, and I will continue working hard to keep that confidence. That work involves listening to you and learning from you and others in order to develop policies that will help us achieve our primary goals of becoming a more sustainable community.

There are many aspects to sustainability. Beyond existing in harmony with our physical environment, it means creating a social environment in which individuals thrive and the society becomes more vibrant. It also means that we develop approaches that embrace our diversity by creating a more inviting atmosphere so that everyone not only feels welcomed but they also feel that they belong.

In my first election, the winning margin for me was small. It emphasized to me how much every vote mattered. In this case, with a much larger winning margin, it emphasizes to me how important each person is to developing momentum. Youth who are too young to vote told me that they were urging their parents to vote for me, and some parents told me that their children were enthusiastic about me. It is momentum that can lead to a larger number of votes and often a larger winning margin, and I’m convinced that you all were part of creating that momentum.

Again, I’m grateful for all of your efforts, big and small. I profoundly appreciate every contribution of every kind and of any amount, including by not limited to: financial donations, holding signs, delivering door hangers, writing support letters, and communicating with your friends and colleagues.

Thanks to you, I’m looking forward even more to the next 3 years!


Thank You note clipped to a Diggins campaign lawn sign.
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